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The San Francisco-based real estate software maker Sequent Systems has come out as the winner in the race for market share in the real estate transaction management space. Their new EZ Coordinator tool has grown its user-base by more than 1,000 percent, in large part due to its aggressive pricing structure. The company has now increased server capacity in order to meet the new level of demand.

San Francisco, Ca. December 1, 2012//- Sequent Systems is best known for it’s multi-unit transaction management tool, Sequent Enterprise, for high-end developers and real estate marketers. While Sequent Enterprise has become the benchmark for the condominium portion of the market, it is Sequent Systems’ latest feat that really got the attention of real estate industry pundits in 2012: EZ Coordinator. The transaction management tool tailored for brokers, agents, and transaction coordinators in the single-family home market has become the fastest growing real estate software in the United States in 2012.

With the user-base growing more than tenfold over the last six months, Sequent was forced to double server capacity last month. “We haven’t experienced any downtime because of too many people accessing their accounts, but we’re really not interested in making that experience,” said David Lester, CEO, Sequent Systems. “Instead of letting EZ Coordinator burst at the seems, we decided to proactively increase capacity.”

“While we’re not surprised that our tool has become the most popular transaction management system on the market, the extent of our success has taken us a bit by surprise” conceded Jeremy Shoenig, responsible for EZ Coordinator at Sequent Systems. “We’re realtors ourselves and know exactly how painful it is to work without the right tools at hand. So of course we knew that people would want to get their hands on EZ Coordinator as soon as it was available. But did we expect users to almost ruin our infrastructure in the process? No, frankly we didn’t,” said Shoenig.

One of the main reasons why EZ Coordinator has taken over its competition is its ease of use, combined with its comprehensive functionality: EZ Coordinator combines customer relationship management (CRM) with document storage, editing, signing, and full-fledged transaction management that includes appointment and task management. On top of that, EZ Coordinator is a free service in its basic version, and the more feature-rich packages come at competitive prices.

Sequent Systems will keep a close eye on future increases in demand to make sure the infrastructure can be expanded quickly if growth continues at the current rate. “It’s a problem every online service wants to have, so we’re not complaining,” commented CEO Lester.

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About Sequent Systems:

Sequent Systems has been at the forefront of cloud based real-estate transaction management since it first launched its landmark Sequent Enterprise product, now used by condo developers and marketers world-wide. The company was founded in 2002 by real estate professionals with decades of industry experience. Sequent Enterprise quickly turned into the tool of choice for everybody working in multi-unit residential real estate. More recently, Sequent Systems is also servicing the single-family home sale market with their latest real estate transaction management tool, EZ Coordinator.

For more information, visit www.sequentsys.com
For more information on EZ Coordinator, visit www.ezcoordinator.com

For media inquiries, contact Jeremy Shoenig: 415-857-0260, jeremy@sequentsys.com