Best-Selling Barker Block Uses Sequent

Barker Block is one of L.A.’s best-selling loft communities. It represents a new living concept in the heart of the city’s Arts District. To make the marketing and sales process of this converted warehouse from the early 1900s more convenient for all involved, developer KOR has chosen to use Sequent’s multi-unit residential transaction management software.

Los Angeles CA. May 3, 2008//- Barker Block’s unique mix of life, art, energy, and home is oviously attractive to Angelenos. The adaptive reuse of an historic warehouse has turned into a best-seller, as residents can experience a unique aesthetic that mixes contemporary finishes with historic materials in the midst of the city’s most authentic neighborhood.

The sales process for these 242 urban lofts went so smooth not least because KOR is an experienced developer who knows what it takes to stay on top of such a complex project. A big help that keeps all the moving parts of such a multitude of transactions together is Sequent Enterprise, a transaction management tool developed by Sequent Systems.

Sequent Enterprise connects all the parties on a web-based platform. It allowed KOR to stay-on-top of their FDIC closure properties. With built-in property tracking that monitored capital calculations, closing expenses, lender release pricing, and a various other metrics, Sequent Enterprise became an essential piece in the Barker Block development puzzle. Using this state of the art software, the KOR marketers, agents and brokers were able to focus on what they do best: Marketing and selling.

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About Sequent Systems:

Sequent Systems has been at the forefront of cloud based real-estate transaction management since it first launched its landmark Sequent Enterprise product, now used by condo developers and marketers world-wide. The company was founded in 2002 by real estate professionals with decades of industry experience. Sequent Enterprise quickly turned into the tool of choice for everybody working in multi-unit residential real estate. More recently, Sequent Systems is also servicing the single-family home sale market with their latest real estate transaction management tool, EZ Coordinator.

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