EZ Coordinator Becomes Hub for Real Estate Marketing and Sales

Coinciding with their participation at the RealTech conference in San Francisco today, Sequent Systems announced three major upgrades to their EZ Coordinator transaction management system that integrate it with popular marketing and management tools from Google, Mailchimp, and Infusionsoft. The makers of landmark real estate software solutions, Sequent Enterprise and EZ Coordinator, have recently announced major wins with EZ Coordinator. Their user base has grown by several thousand, they’ve added a strategic marketing partner and funding through the Snow Companies, all while continuing to roll out enhanced features to their users.

San Francisco, CA. April 30, 2013//- Sequent Systems, the company that pioneered the real estate market with the multi-unit marketing software Sequent Enterprise and the agent and broker platform EZ Coordinator, is currently attending the RealTech conference in San Francisco, showcasing the latest version of EZ Coordinator. This new release features three major upgrades that are set to revolutionize the way brokers, agents, and transaction coordinators market their listings. EZ Coordinator now seamlessly integrates with three popular marketing tools: Google Calendar and Contacts, the email marketing tool Mailchimp, and the small business CRM and social marketing software Infusionsoft.

Email marketing straight from the customer's database

“The beauty of these third-party integrations is that you get to keep the system you’re already familiar with. EZ Coordinator users never have to import and export data from one platform to another. We wanted to simplify things for our customers and we did so by simply making the platforms talk to one another,” said Jeremy Shoenig, VP of Operations and Product at Sequent Systems. David Lester, Founder and CEO of Sequent Systems, added that the goal is for EZ Coordinator to become the “hub for real estate lead management, transaction management and business analytics” He said that real estate professionals could now work with one day-to-day tool that is flexible and expandable enough for all needs.

The upgrades announced today open up an array of possibilities previously unseen. Having Infusionsoft and Mailchimp integrate via EZ Coordinator allows brokers to keep buyers and sellers in the loop about listings and news via email marketing. And with Google sync, the user can stick with their favorite Google tools and find their information ready to use in their EZ Coordinator transaction management system.

Big data protects from liabilities

The upgrades come after EZ Coordinator added major business intelligence features, including “EZ Insights,” a chart snapshot of the user’s lead and transaction data, and a reporting module for brokers to handle their agents’ commissions. According to Shoenig, these visualization modules make the user experience more intuitive and allow for quicker and more informed decision-making.

David Lester, Founder and CEO of Sequent Systems, believes his company’s technology will leave a lasting mark on the real estate industry: “Big data has shown to disrupt industries: sports—think of Moneyball—, finance, retail, hospitality, health, engineering, even music and entertainment. Access to real time, objective data takes subjectivity out of the equation,” he explained. This way, real estate professionals get a more accurate perception of deals and opportunities, they can avoid frustrating and costly transaction delays, and they protect themselves from liabilities.

Spectacular user growth and more funding

“The whole point of EZ Coordinator was to identify that ‘pain point’ which was bugging agents, brokers, and transaction coordinators, and to utilize technology to soothe that pain,” said Lester. “At the time, we didn’t realize just how frustrating it could be for these stakeholders on a daily basis to either not have a solution at their disposal or to have to constantly purchase a different product that solved a different need. Over time we found that we weren’t solving one problem, we were solving all of them,” he added.

Sequent Systems’ technology updates have so far paid off: “Whenever we added a significant improvement, our user base has shown palpable growth. With the January update alone we doubled the number of active users on our platform,” explained Lester. The spectacular growth and unique position in the market resulted in an uncharacteristic move. In February, Sequent’s marketing agency, the Snow Companies, agreed to invest in its own client. “We quickly realized that Sequent Enterprise and EZ Coordinator were uniquely positioned to be the market leaders in their respective segments of the real estate industry,” said Snow COO, Corbin Wood. “And with the number of devoted customers who praise the value of their products, it was a no brainer for Snow,” he explained.

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About Sequent Systems:

Sequent Systems has been at the forefront of cloud based real-estate transaction management since it first launched its landmark Sequent Enterprise product, now used by condo developers and marketers world-wide. The company was founded in 2002 by real estate professionals with decades of industry experience. Sequent Enterprise quickly turned into the tool of choice for everybody working in multi-unit residential real estate. More recently, Sequent Systems is also servicing the single-family home sale market with their latest real estate transaction management tool, EZ Coordinator.

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For more information, visit www.sequentsys.com

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