New software streamlines single-family home sales

Sequent Systems is best known for its highly acclaimed transaction management software Sequent Enterprise that helps condo developers market and sell their units in record time and streamline their processes. Now the company launches EZ Coordinator to bring efficient closing and streamlined process to real estate agents, brokers, and transaction coordinators across the world.

San Francisco, CA. March 7, 2012//- Those who deal in real estate know that one of the biggest challenges is the complexity of selling a property. There are so many moving parts, and to keep track of them and know what to do next is rarely a straightforward task, even for seasoned industry veterans. The most effective recipe for success is therefore to stay well organized. David Lester recognized this fact when he developed Sequent Enterprise for the multi-unit condo development market. Sequent Enterprise is an online transaction management software platform that reduces the uncertainties by keeping track of deliverables and documents, while showing you where outstanding tasks remain.

“Sequent Enterprise is leading the charge in the multi-unit market, but this is really just a niche of the real estate industry. That’s why we are now launching another transaction management tool, which will ensure that everybody in real estate has the best instruments to work with,” said David Lester, founder and CEO of Sequent Systems.

The new tool is called EZ Coordinator, and it manages single-family home transactions. As the name already implies, EZ Coordinator has been voted by agents, brokers and transaction coordinators to be the easiest to use real estate transaction management tool.

Further, there is a free version of EZ Coordinator which includes many of the best software features. “We give agents access to the core features of EZ Coordinator for free, with advanced functions at extremely low prices,” said Jeremy Shoenig, VP of Operations and Product at Sequent Systems. Shoenig is the main driver behind EZ Coordinator, and says that it’s not just about efficiency gains: “Professional transaction management ensures that less falls through the cracks. Therefore it’s a great investment to keep yourself and your customers happy and to reduce the risk of litigation” he said.

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About Sequent Systems:

Sequent Systems has been at the forefront of cloud based real-estate transaction management since it first launched its landmark Sequent Enterprise product, now used by condo developers and marketers world-wide. The company was founded in 2002 by real estate professionals with decades of industry experience. Sequent Enterprise quickly turned into the tool of choice for everybody working in multi-unit residential real estate. More recently, Sequent Systems is also servicing the single-family home sale market with their latest real estate transaction management tool, EZ Coordinator.

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