Sequent clears the way for Spire’s fast-selling success

A new Denver condo building called Spire is currently getting lots of attention from real estate developers and marketers who want to learn the secrets of the fastest-selling residential high-rise in the nation. One piece of the puzzle turns out to be software.

Denver CO. January 20, 2011//- Talk to big shots in the real estate industry about what they think has been the most successful new condo development this year. You are likely to hear the word “Spire”. Denver’s Spire has created some buzz when it turned into America’s fastest-selling multi-unit piece of real estate. The industry is looking at Spire to learn how you build and sell at a record-breaking pace. Key part of Nichols Partners’ recipe is to reduce the complexity for those working on this daunting project, so they can focus on marketing and sales. An invaluable ingredient to this is using a smart transaction management solution like Sequent Enterprise.

Sequent Enterprise, a product of Sequent Systems, is being used as the Spire’s transaction management tool and data cruncher, connecting all the parties on a web-based platform. With a rare problem that only a few developers face, too many properties closing quickly, Nichols Partners needed a tool that could keep-up with the condominium’s success. Sequent Enterprise met the challenge by equipping the developer and marketing team with custom reports and data streams to track every process of the project’s closings. “We have tailored our software to the exact coordination needs of those involved in multi-unit condominium developments. We’ve worked with it ourselves for many years and know it is robust enough to deal with any level of complexity. To see that Spire has successfully put it to the test gives us great satisfaction,” said David Lester, CEO, Sequent Systems.

The result is a luxury condominium development with 496 homes. Spire’s amenities include pools and hot tubs, a SkyClub Lounge, a health club, a multimedia theatre, a 24-hour courtesy desk, valet parking, several restaurants, housekeeping and handymen, fully furnished guest suites, retail, dry cleaning and a car share program.

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About Sequent Systems:

Sequent Systems has been at the forefront of cloud based real-estate transaction management since it first launched its landmark Sequent Enterprise product, now used by condo developers and marketers world-wide. The company was founded in 2002 by real estate professionals with decades of industry experience. Sequent Enterprise quickly turned into the tool of choice for everybody working in multi-unit residential real estate. More recently, Sequent Systems is also servicing the single-family home sale market with their latest real estate transaction management tool, EZ Coordinator.

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